What Happens when Parliament is dissolved? Caretaker Roles During the Period Preceding an Election

Caretaker Roles During the Period Preceding An election

With the coming of general election (PRU 13) insyaAllah early next year, I would like to share some information on the Caretaker Roles During the Period Preceding An Election.

– The caretaker period begins at the time the House of Representatives is dissolved and continues until the election result is clear or, if there is a change of government, until the new government is appointed.

-During the caretaker period, the business of government continues and ordinary matters of administration still need to be addressed. However, successive governments have followed a series of practices, known as the ‘caretaker conventions’, which aim to ensure that their actions do not bind an incoming government and limit its freedom of action.

During the caretaker period, the government should avoid:

1. making major policy decisions that are likely to commit an incoming government;

2. making significant appointments;

3. entering major contracts or undertakings.

4. international negotiations and visits

5. Government Agency’s involvement in election activities including advertising and information campaigns, internet and electric communications and use of agency premise.

6. Using government agency resources.

7. Requests for policy advice during the caretaker period.

8. Using public money for purpose of election campaign and any matter related.

9. Claims relating to the election campaign.

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