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The Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) of the Islamic Development Bank Group based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has organised a distance learning course on Islamic Economic and Finance. Different scholars from various parts of the world including Umer Chapra, Anas Zarka, Sami Al Suwailem, Habib Ahmed, Tariqullah Khan, Munzir Kahf, Zubair Hassan and others contribute to the course. I strongly believe that this course is very beneficial to any individual working in different areas of Islamic banking and Finance. In the light of the spirit of knowledge-sharing, to those that do not have opportunity to undergo the course, I attach some of the course materials for your reading pleasure and references.

    1. Challenges Facing the Islamic Financial System by Muhammad Umer Chapre
    2. Takaful, Concept and Models by Atiquzzafar Khan
    3. Islamic Micro Finance: Problems Faced and Their Solution by Mohamed Obaidullah
    4. Treasury Management in an Islamic Financial Institution by Mohamad Tariq
    5. Islamic Financial Architecture and Infrastructures Development by Tariqullah Khan
    6. Global Financial Crisis: Causes and Remedies by Sami Al Suwailem
    7. The Global Financial Crisis: Can Islamic Finance Help? by Muhammad Umer Chapra
    8. A Primer on Sukuk Products for Sovereign Issuers by Salman Syed Ali
    9. Integrating Waqf and Islamic Finance by Habib Ahmed
    10. Behavioral Complexity By Sami Al Suwailem
    11. Macroeconomics within Islamic Framework (Advanced Level) By Sayyid Tahir
    12. The Objectives, Role and Instruments of the Government for Realizing The Maqasid Shari’ah By Muhammad Umer Chapra
    13. Developing Contemporary Microeconomics from an Islamic Perspective: The Challenge of Genuine Islamization By Aslam Hanif
    14. Wealth Creation and Wealth Management in an Islamic Economy by Rodney Wilson
    15. What is Economics? by Muhammad Anas Zarqa
    16. What is Islamic Economics? by Muhammad Umer Chapra
    17. Factors of Production and Factor Markets by Zubair Hassan
    18. Monopoly and Monopolistic Markets by Muhammad Anas Al Zarqa
    19. Money and Banking in Islam by Salman Syed Ali
    20. Macroeconomics in Islamic Economy: A Theoretical Perspective by Sayyid Tahir
    21. Complexity Economics by Sami Al Suwailem
    22. Establishing Economies According to Islamic Worldview: Problems and Way Forward by Habib Ahmed
    23. Monetary Policy in Islamic Framework by Ausaf Ahmad
    24. Microfinance in Islam by Mohammed Obaidullah
    25. Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Islamic Economic by Munzir Kahf
    26. Property Rights in Islam by Muhammad Nejatullah Siddiqi
    27. The Islamic Vision of Development in the Light of Maqasid Al-Shariah By Muhammad Umer Chapra
    28. Principles of Islamic Finance by Sami Al Suwailem
    29. Wealth Creation and Wealth Management in an Islamic Economy by Rodney Wilson
    30. Islamic Instruments for Asset Management by Shahin Shayan Arani
    31. IFSB Standards on Institutions Offering Islamic Financial Services by Abdullah Haron
    32. Treasury Management in an Islamic Financial Institution by Mohammed Tariq
    33. Issues in Shari’ah Audit in Islamic Banking by Shahul Hameed Bin Mohammed Ibrahim
    34. Issues in Financing Corporate and Public Sector Needs through Islamic Instruments by Munawar Iqbal
    35. Integrating Waqf and Financial Sector by Habib Ahmed
    36. Takaful: Concept and Model by Atiquzzafar Khan
    37. Factors of Production and Factor Markets by Zubai Hassan
    38. Fiqh Foundation for Islamic Economic by Sheikh Anas Zarka
    39. Macroeconomics in Islamic Economy by Sayyid Tahir
    40. Financial stability by Dadang Muljawan
    41. Islamization of Economics by Habib Ahmed
    42. The Economic System of Islam by Muhammad Umer Chapra
    43. The Islamic Vision of Development in the light of Maqasid Al Shariah by Muhammad Umer Chapre
    44. Islamic Capital Market by Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha
    45. IFSB Standard Guidelines by Dadang Muljawan
    46. Redefining Auditing and Accounting for Islamic Finance by Shahul Hameed bin Mohamed Ibrahim
    47. Developing a Sustainable Islamic Finance Through Genuine Islamization by Mohamed Aslam Haneef
    48. Islamic Instruments for Asset Management by Rodney Wilson

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