My E-Lecture Series

As an additional effort to disseminate knowledge as part of my intellectual journey and contribution, I am very pleased to share my channel. 

  1. Quest For Meaning
  2. Uqud in Islamic Financial Services
  3. Zakat: Tuntutan yang Sering Dialpakan
  4. Yusuf al Qaradhawi and His Thought as a Public Intellectual
  5. Money from Shari’ah Perspective
  6. Halatuju Melayu Pasca PRU
  7. Undi Dalam Islam Kewajipan Memilih Pemimpin
  8. Hudud dan Cabaran Pelaksanaan
  9. Fenomena Mencari Tuhan
  10. Rising Islamophobia: Global Perspective
  11. Islamofobia: Antara Persepsi dan Realiti
  12. Shariah Governance in Islamic Finance
  13. The Wisdom of Prohibition of Riba
  14. Hududism: Rhetoric and Reality
  15. Expanding America to Judeo-Christian-Islamic America
  16. The Offence of Qazaf
  17. The Polemic of Hudud
  18. Humanizing Technology
  19. Ummatic Innovation
  20. Future Studies and Islamic Resurgence
  21. The Future of Islamic Resurgence
  22. Kebangkitan Generasi Muda Realiti dan Cabaran
  23. Assess on the Source of Our Income
  24. Hudud Realiti dan Cabaran
  25. Defying Riba
  26. Qazaf in Islam
  27. Rising Islamophobia from Global Perspective
  28. Islam and Muslim from Non-Muslim in the West
  29. From Legalism to Value Oriented Islamic Finance Practices
  30. Masa Depan Strategik Kebangkitan Islam
  31. From Legalism to Value-oriented Islamic Finance Practices
  32. God’s Crucible, Islam and the Making of Europe
  33. COVID-19 Changes the World
  34. Maqasid al-Sharia, Between Nas and Maslahah and the System’s Approach
  35. Youth Foresight Forum, The Future of Legal Studies
  36. MCO Book Challenge 2020
  37. Covid-19 and The Future of Islamic Movement
  38. How We Are Responding to Pandemic: Student Development’s Perspective

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