My ‘Quest for Meaning’

This web page is specifically aimed at providing travel tips, advice, information and personal reflection of my journey for my website readers based on my travelling experience all over the world. I attach several documents pertaining to my travelling details and schedule that may be useful for the readers to get some ideas for planning their own trips. My recent travelogue book entitled Islam in the West and Muslim in the East is getting good feedback from readers and in the list of Best Seller Travel Books in Malaysia.

Islam in the West and Muslim in the East

Tour De Andalusia

Muscat from Dusk till Dawn


Tour De France, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland

Tour De Holland and Belgium

Tour De England and Scotland

Tour De Istanbul

Le Tour De London

Quest for Meaning in Hijaz





United States of America


Disneyland Paris

United Kingdom

Durham in Memory

English Premier League

Eidul Fitri in Durham

Moment in Durham

Enjoying Life in Durham



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