Islamic banking needs to focus on innovative products: Dr Zamir Iqbal

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June 19, 2010
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June 21, 2010
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Islamic banking needs to focus on innovative products: Dr Zamir Iqbal

Islamic banking needs to focus on innovative products: Dr Zamir Iqbal

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KARACHI: Dr Zamir Iqbal, a renowned scholar on Islamic Finance, has stressed the need for developing mechanism to enhance liquidity and innovative Islamic financial products in order to cater to the growing demand of Islamic Finance in the world.

Delivering a talk on ‘What Needs to be Done for Islamic Finance to Succeed’ at the State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi on Tuesday, Dr Iqbal observed that current business model of the Islamic banking industry needs to be reviewed to cater to the demand for more sophisticated products, which is likely to grow rapidly.

He said that it would be better for the Islamic banking industry to innovate rather than replicate the conventional banking products and noted that no or limited collective efforts have been made so far to develop such products.

Highlighting some factors for sustainable growth of Islamic Finance, Dr Iqbal emphasised the need for consolidation of Islamic banking; expanding the scope, services and products, strengthening the risk management systems and reducing reliance on commodity/fixed income-like products.

Referring to legal and regulatory issues, Dr Iqbal asserted that there is a need to improve corporate and Shariah governance, and supervision & monitoring systems. He also stressed the need to promote risk-sharing through participatory instruments like Musharaka and Mudaraba.

Dr Iqbal said that over the years Islamic Finance has grown into a global phenomenon and Islamic Finance market in the world is estimated at $1 trillion. “Islamic Finance is not just a phenomenon restricted to only Muslim countries,” he said and added that there is a growing recognition and acceptance of Islamic Finance in the world.

He said that several factors have contributed towards global acceptance of Islamic finance, which include increased demand for Shariah-compliant products fuelled by increased liquidity in the market, successful track record of Shariah-compliant financial intermediation, commitment by Islamic Development Bank, AAOIFI and IFSB to promote Islamic finance industry, etc.

Dr Iqbal said the development of Sukuk also had a positive impact on the development of Islamic finance. Director Islamic Banking Department, State Bank of Pakistan, Saleemullah, who also spoke on the occasion, highlighted the achievements of Dr Zamir Iqbal in the field of Islamic Finance.

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    1. Muhammad says:

      Salam to All,

      Islamic banking needs to focus on innovative products:

      With due respect, this clarion call seemed like a cliche’ nowadays.Every now and then there are calls for innovations in Islamic Banking, without specifying the “how ” what ” and when”.Some equates innovation with
      shirkah financing uqud of Profit and loss sharing and this has been going on for a good 30 years!

      IMO innovations such as PLS has to be a private individuals/ companies initiatives.It has to come from the private sectors such as cooperatives and high networth individuals.It is only when the scheme proved itself viable we will see governmental institutions make their entries.Who can blame the government for not wanting to be involve in PLS. which are unchartered waters.Advocates of PLS has failed to prove and convince PLS can work.Champions of PLS failed to move beyond rhetorics and theories and are forever pushing the buck to others.They should be the one setting up PLS institutions and managing them.It’ s time they do what Malays term as “cakap serupa bikin”

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